Psychic Fair in Orange County, CA


Saturday, June 28, 2014 the Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (OCLC-CoG) will host a fund-raising event in Orange County, CA. The OCLC-Cog Psychic Fair will be held beginning at 10:00a.m. until 4:00 p.m. OCLC-CoG will hold this fun event at the popular:

The Dragon And The Rose

1636 E. Edinger Ave, Suite U, Santa Ana, CA 92705

(Behind the Industrial Park facility)

Some of the activities taking place are listed below. Come by, join the fun and sit with one (or more) of the many talented people you’ll find at our Psychic Fair.  $5 for 15 minutes…All proceeds go to help the OCLC-CoG with their various educational events and community outreach programs.

Psychic Car Wash with Ron & Helpers

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Get your broomsticks (ahem, your automobile, motorcycle, baby carriage, etc.) ready for the big days ahead.
Let our Psychic Car Washers clean off all the traffic gremlins you pick on road rage bouts, late driving, and
I need to find a parking spot!” roundabouts.
We’ll energetically cleanse and bless your mode of transportation for good service to you.
Fairy dust will be added for a smooth ride and to “light up your way” (fairy dust with your permission).

Tag Team Tarot with Diane & Little Wolf

BOGO!  It’s two tarot readers for the price of one!  This isn’t your grandma’s tarot reader.

There is no rigid, tight-lipped stoicism.  We aim to give you a reading that’s fun & guaranteed to make you think.
Diane & Little Wolf have been studying tarot for over 25 years; recently studying with the notable Sandra Thomson.
Diane holds a Masters in Psychology, emphasis in Jungian psychology.
Little Wolf has a BA in Journalism and has been a lecturer and instructor on Native American history and religions in colleges and high schools in California.  Both women have studied various metaphysical and alternative philosophies. They bring their insight and intuition in a creative synergistic reading tailored to your specific needs.

Crystal Healing with Camille

Crystal healing is an alternative technique that “uses stones and crystals as healing tools” to normalize and balance your energy field.  Camille Lockyer, is a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer who has been practicing this modality of healing for 18 years.

Oracles with Grace

Grace will read for you using her new Astrological Rune stones, indicating current trends in your life regarding a type of energy available for a type of activity, and your best approach to using it constructively.

Grace has been studying Oracles of many types since the early 1970’s — Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon Runes, amongst others.        Grace, PMAFA, CCHT, Reiki Master, ATA Mentor

Akashic Records with Sylvia

What are the Akashic Records?  Imagine a library that spans all time that contains information on all of our past lives.  We can retrieve pieces of information for individual soul growth by allowing the guidance  and wisdom of spirit guides to come in.

Totem Animal/Medicine Cards – Teresa

Discover the power of the ways of animals.
Choose one:
1.   Discover what animals came into your life at birth to help and to guide you.
2.   Find out what animals are in your life today and how they are helping you and
guiding you through your present situation.

Teresa has been reading Animal/Medicine Cards for several years and loves working with animal spirit guides.

Oracle Card Reading with Lulu

Lulu is a new member of OCLC. An anthropology major by day, and avid reader by night: her interest in the cultural influence on the human psyche as well as the “human experience” and it’s relation to the sacred has allowed her to help others through the use of Oracle Cards. A simple reading using Collette Baron Reid’s “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms”, can help to reconnect and remind you to Be Calm & Listen to Yourself 🙂

Clear Chakras/Balance Brain w/Bonnie

Bonnie Paisley is an astrologer who also works with the tarot cards. A graduate of the “Crystal Awareness Institute’s“ Crystal Healing course, she has been working with crystal’s for 4 years. She is an Ordained Minister, and Board Member of The Universal Spiritual Church, Anaheim, CA.

Bonnie will be using Crystal’s to Clear the Chakra’s and Balance the Brain Hemisphere’s.

*An additional session may be added for Scanning and Repairing the Aura.
Bonnie Paisley, O.M.

Animal Messengers with Linnea Kai

Since the dawn of time, humans have looked to animals for wisdom, protection, strength and power. Let Linnea Kai introduce you to the messages of the animal guides and how they bring a level of understanding of interconnectedness of in life. Let your personal animal messengers act as a channel for the energy and of truly magical creatures who are able to help and heal us and the earth.

While new to reading, Linnea has been talking with the animals her entire life and walking with animal spirits through her spiritual journeys.

Reiki Healing with Julie

Reiki is “Universal” (rei) “Life Force Energy” (ki) that flows through our bodies.  Those who conduct reiki treatments channel the universal life force energy to help balance the chakras and facilitate healing for your highest good.  A reiki session consists of Julie placing her hands over your chakras (either hands-on or hands-off) while you comfortably lay down.  Julie is a Reiki Master, ordained minister, and therapist who has been practicing this modality of healing for five years.

Follow this link to our flyer.  Psychic Fair

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