What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

This time of year is special to many people. With decorations, colors, and parties many of us tend to remember some of the special moments when we celebrated at Halloween. As one of the members of the OCLC-CoG Public Information Team I wanted to share one of my favorite memories of Halloween. One of the …

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The postman will look twice!

Coprinus comatus Mushrooms – The Shaggy Mane

Guest blogger:  Tohby of Drummondville, Province of Québec, Canada Coprinus comatus, otherwise known as, The Shaggy Mane, Shaggy Inkcap, also occasionally known as the Lawyers Wig, is a distinctive and easy to recognize mushroom. It’s size, shape, and tendency to grow in tight groups make it easy to sport even from considerable distance. Shaggy Mane …

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Remembering ancestors through traditional foods

There are many traditions for Samhain such as ancestor alters, costumes, and especially food and drink. One way we remember our ancestors is through the making of our favorite foods for Samhain. The ingredients may have meaning, as well as the process used to combine and bake/cook these tasty treats. Here are a couple of …

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Interfaith Opportunities Abound

Article by Gwenn Tara. Interfaith opportunities can bring together diverse people with lots in common. This past weekend, the Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment (OCICE) invited the community to an energizing symposium. The OCICE educates, raises awareness, and empowers people to actively protect and preserve Creation through responsible stewardship. The event was held …

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Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)

Did you ever wonder why your grandmother recommended Witch Hazel (Hamemelis virginiana) for your teenage skin problems over any of the commercial treatments?  She would have also recommended Witch Hazel to her friends for problems with varicose veins.  Just the name “Witch Hazel” conjures up images of the wise crone woman dispensing healing wisdom for …

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Bees and their honey

Honey is the epic of love The materialization of the infinite The soul and the blood of flowers Condensed through the spirit of others. GARCIA LORCA 1899-11936 Who hasn’t marveled over the sweetness of honey, the sweet golden nectar and food of the Gods? When I was a child, a trip to the grocery included …

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