Annual Summer Solstice Fair in Long Beach

It’s right around the corner…the annual Summer Solstice Fair in Long Beach, CA! The Orange County Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess will have a front row seat to enjoy this fantastic event which is hosted by the Long Beach WomenSpirit and Temple of Isis Los Angeles. There will be food and drink along with fabulous entertainment, wonderful vendor items and positive energy. EVERYONE is welcome to attend.

Summer Solstice Fair Event 2015
Summer Solstice Fair Event 2015

For the 2015 Summer Solstice Fair, OCLC-CoG will have handmade corn dollies for sale. Each one is crafted with love and positive intentions.

Handmade Corn Dollies.
Handmade Corn Dollies. Picture taken by J. Nelson

Come join us at the fair and have some fun! Everyone is welcome to attend, and we hope you get a chance to stop by our OCLC-CoG booth to say, “HI.” We want to share what OCLC is all about,  our communities activities planned for 2015, along with CoG’s purpose and how to become a member.

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