You never know when you need more protection. Keeping the bad things away is a good thing.


Never Mind That Obscure Martyr – Today Belongs to Venus Aphrodite

It’s time for us to reclaim this day when love is celebrated, by learning its true origins and by honoring the Divine Feminine in our REAL lives. Source: Never Mind That Obscure Martyr - Today Belongs to Venus Aphrodite

Pagan News Beagle: Earthy Thursday, February 11

A new discovery shows Babylonian astronomers were more advanced than we'd guessed. Wild orangutans engage in shocking violence. And the scientific community combats sexism within its ranks. It's Earthy Thursday, our weekly segment on science and Earth-related news! All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle! In this post for her personal blog, our …

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The Last of the Granny Witches

What fascinating history of our ancestors

Appalachian Ink ~ Home of Anna Wess (and Granny)

We are a peculiar breed. Our roots grow deeper than the cedars, and yet we don’t know precisely where or who it is that we grew from. We are a mystery as old as these hills themselves, and it doesn’t take much figuring to know that we are enigmas of intentional design and destiny.


God knows our names.

We are not Northerners — damn Yankees, the men folks’ Confederate influence called them — and this we know without a doubt. I myself was always preened into believing I was a Southern child, born out of notions of gallantry and romance, but the fact is, I ain’t a low country belle and I’ve never picked a shred of cotton or been to a debutante ball.

We are not peaches.

And these mountain women before us were not delicate flowers or distressed coquettes. In these old heirloom hills, the women are…

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An Old Craft Witch’s Calendar 8th February

What a wonderful way to enhance your work. THE TRADITIONAL WITCH’S CALENDAR: 8-14th FEBRUARY The burning of different woods has been part of magical and religious practice for thousands of years, and within traditional witchcraft this is no exception. All our native trees have differing magical correspondences and learning to identify these provides us with …

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