Dealing With the Abrahamic Pantheon

In The Desert Of Seth

While I believe that Jesus Christ exists and that He is a valid Deity for people to worship, I do not hold to any of the exclusivist doctrines upon which most forms of Christianity are based. I reject the idea that Yahweh is “the One True God,” that people are born in a state of “original sin,” or that we all need Jesus if we wish to be “saved.” Bearing this in mind, it’s not really my place to try and “define” anything that originates from Christianity specifically; but at the same time, it’s impossible for me not to have an opinion about certain Christian ideas. I may be a Pagan and a devotional polytheist, but I’m surrounded by Christianity wherever I go; and while some Pagans are perfectly content with dismissing Yahweh and Jesus as “imaginary” (or as mere “rip-offs” of earlier polytheist Divinities), that position strikes me as…

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