A good time to think about your goals

April Moon and her Correspondences
April Moon and her Correspondences

April’s moon is a good time to begin thinking about your goals for the coming season. Do you have a special project that needs a little push? Are there new habits you want to begin like walking daily, playing with your kids more, adding new family activities, obtaining a new job? This is a good time to create your dream (vision or wish) board.

Dream boards are the visual representations of your goals for the year. You can find pictures from magazines, draw, take your own pictures, or find them on the internet and print them. dreamboardfeb12 You can also research symbols, runes, and witch’s alphabet to add them to your dream board and enhancing its magic. You may also add oils such as success, god or goddess specific, healing, prosperity, or enlightenment.

Have fun with your dream board. Let your creativity run wild. In fact, it can be a great project with children. Once you have finished your dream board, take it out under the full moon. Light a white candle and share your goals with the universe.  When you are done, thank the universe, the god, and goddess for listening.  Ask that they lend their aid as you work to complete your goals.


Blessed be!


J. Nelson
J. Nelson, Public Information Officer OCLC


4 thoughts on “A good time to think about your goals

  1. I might do a video on YouTube about it. Might have to wait for the next prime manifesting time such as the next waxing moon. Even though April would be a great time to start one due to the season and the moon, I’m still figuring out what I want to manifest as a solid goal. This can be hard for us indecisive Capricorns.

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