the SUN during a DARK MOON


5051-girl-silhouetteFINDING THE TRUTH

The Sun hits the ground shining the light through the darkness and it begins to show me the truth

My skin is cold yet still warmer than the Dark Moon Night

I’m drawn in by the power of the Sun a bright flash of light shines beyond the Clouds it starts to warm the land and warm me

It brings along with it the untamed Wind I listen to the whispers as it teaches me about the Wisdom of Truth

Feeling the light of the Sun’s Energy running through my body drenching my skin there is nothing more irrestible

I inhale the Sunlight and hold the Sun within my breath

Count 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

Then I close my eyes and exhale with the darkness of my doubts my angers and my lack of confidence

I continue this until I am filled with the light and…

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