Coming Together at MerryMeet 2016

Covenant of the Goddess National
Covenant of the Goddess National

There’s a gathering of witches taking place this weekend. MerryMeet is the annual gathering for Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) and includes two days of workshops, rituals, lectures, local vendors and entertainment. Concurrently, during MerryMeet, the Covenant conducts its annual business meeting known as Grand Council (GC). GC is the forum for its members (covens and solitaries) to engage in a consensus process to discuss issues relevant to the operations of CoG, review national bylaw changes necessary in a changing world, to decide matters which require deliberation by the full membership and elect the national board of officers. Grand Council provides a unique opportunity to observe the process of decision-making utilizing the consensus process.


Members of the Orange County Local Council (OCLC) of CoG have traveled to northern California lending their voice in GC, attend workshops, and network with other witches attending MerryMeet. We send our love and support to CoG members who take time out of their lives to keep the Covenant wheels rolling.


Blessed be!





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