Spring, spring, spring! Happy Spring Equinox


Blessings at Spring Equinox

OCLC CoG 5th Annual Psychic Faire

The Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (OCLC-CoG) will be holding its 5th Annual Psychic Faire on Saturday, May 20th. The event will be held at The Dragon and The Rose, located at 2424 N. Grand Ave K, Santa Ana, 92705. Beginning at 10:00 a.m. and running until 4:00 p.m. there …

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Good information, thanks for sharing.


Water is the source of all potential things in existence

With the capabilities of the cosmos water can be life giving or it can be life destroying

As an Element it encourages moderation and cools anger brought on by too much Fire

Water stabilize the illusions caused by an excess of Air

And poured upon the Earth promotes growth and life itself


VALUES: emotion intuition devotion and mysticism

COLORS: green and turquoise

SYMBOLS: crescent shells boats ship wheel anchor and cup

TOOLS: vessel grail chalice and cauldron

PLANTS: aloe cucumber dulse gardenia lily lotus and willow

STONES: aquamarine chrysocolla moonstone and mother of pearl

PLACES: ocean river lakes ponds waterfalls and beaches

ZODIAC: cancer scorpio and pisces

ARCHANGEL: gabriel

TIMES: autumn and sunset


PROCESS: love nurture sensitivity psychic ability and healingHEALING WATER

You will need

Cauldron or a small pot
Spring Water

9 Pink Rose…

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A Plastic Ocean: Documentary looks at workable solutions to plastic pollution

Source: A Plastic Ocean: Documentary looks at workable solutions to plastic pollution

Local Psychic Fair Set for May 20th

The Orange County Covenant of the Goddess will be hosting their annual Psychic Fair on Saturday, May 20, 2017.  This year, the fair will be held in Santa Ana at the new Dragon & The Rose location on North Grand Ave. Future posts will provide information on the readers, and events that are in the …

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  If we stop and think about the connections between ourselves and the world around us, it can become an inspiration.  We are connected by a vast web of co-creation. Our thoughts and actions can have significant impacts on our surroundings.  Having positive thoughts and actions will create better connections between you and the universe. …

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Step into Faerie

The Bardic Academic

A Contemporary Fantasy based upon PhD research into Fairy Traditions and Folklore of the Scottish Borders  – coming soon…

New Version Knowing cover large.jpg Cover by Tom Brown, photography by James Barke 2017

Janey McEttrick is a Scottish-American folksinger descended from a long line of female singers. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where she plays in a jobbing rock band, The Jackalopes, and works part-time at a vintage record store. Thirty-something and spinning wheels, she seems doomed to smoke and drink herself into an early grave (since losing her daughter she’s been drowning her sorrows and more besides) until one day she receives a mysterious journal – apparently from a long-lost Scottish ancestor, the Reverend Robert Kirk, a 17th Century Presbyterian minister obsessed with fairy lore. Uncanny things start to happen… She and her loved ones are assailed by supernatural forces, until she is forced to act – to journey to Scotland to lie…

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