Why We Should Treat Our Crystals Like Pets

How many of us have brought home the most sparkly powerful crystal completely enamored with it for a few days or weeks and without even thinking about it, abandon it on a shelf or dusty corner of our bedroom, perhaps only using it for a much needed ritual, only to put it back to its forgotten hideaway? I am certainly guilty of doing this, even worse you could say, as I keep the majority of my crystals in a little shabby chic box I keep in a bedside table drawer. This reminds me of the feeling when  you bring home that new kitty or puppy where you just can’t stop playing with them, and then as the weeks go by you find yourself waning off the 24/7 attention, busying yourself with “other” more “important” things. 

Crystals are living things with feelings like plants, animals or trees. It is believed that…

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Card of the Day – 7 of Wands – Thursday, May 18, 2017

ravenhawks' magazine

Who remembers engaging in a game of Tug-of-War? It goes back to ancient times, with no certain time or place being attributed to its origin. Even though there is no rope shown in the 7 of Wands, its very depiction still gives off the feeling of this ancient sport. At this point, you may be […]

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Raising Energy

Cottage Witch Magick

blessingRaising Energy: Everything in life has energy. It binds us, connects us and works with or against us. Magik is merely the science of energy manipulation. The energy you work with is created by you, and then manipulated to your intent.

There are of course many ways to raise energy for workings, meditation or protection. When you light a candle for your next party, say a little prayer as you light the wick and ask the Divine, or your guides to help you create happy positive energy to benefit the success of your party. Nothing is trivial, and nothing is too big. You have an effect on the energy patterns of the universe. As an individual and especially as a group. So how do you go about raising energy for your workings? Through concentration and visualization. It’s that simple. Einstein said “Thought is energy. To create it, use your imagination.”…

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