Raising Energy

Cottage Witch Magick

blessingRaising Energy: Everything in life has energy. It binds us, connects us and works with or against us. Magik is merely the science of energy manipulation. The energy you work with is created by you, and then manipulated to your intent.

There are of course many ways to raise energy for workings, meditation or protection. When you light a candle for your next party, say a little prayer as you light the wick and ask the Divine, or your guides to help you create happy positive energy to benefit the success of your party. Nothing is trivial, and nothing is too big. You have an effect on the energy patterns of the universe. As an individual and especially as a group. So how do you go about raising energy for your workings? Through concentration and visualization. It’s that simple. Einstein said “Thought is energy. To create it, use your imagination.”…

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