Flower Therapy: Arranging Tips, Tricks, and Medicine for the Soul — Home is Where the Boat Is

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Happy August! I gathered some flowers and floral arranging tips from the archives for a little flower therapy! I like to pick up flowers at the Farmers Market in the summer for a flower fix. . .a cheery bouquet is a guaranteed spirit lifter for the summer heat and humidity and the August blues. You can combine […]

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They told me it was just a book I smiled because they just don’t understandThen I took a chance and decided to explore deep inside that bookOne page at a time and read everything in between the linesEscape I did into the imagination where it all began inside my own headThis kind of magick can only be found when you open a bookIgnite your Imagination let go of the days hustle and bustle unwind relax kick your shoes off with the adventure of a good book the brew of a hot cup of tea and all the magick you can find…once upon a time ❤

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Card of the Day – Judgement – Friday, August 4, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

This is a powerful life-changing card. Not only are we in eclipse season, but, as of yesterday, we have five retrograde planets, soon to be six. This does not happen often at all. Today, Jupiter will once again square off with Pluto; indeed, the Universe is conspiring to push you forward in such a fashion, so as to create your hopes and dreams.

Judgement, on one hand, can be about our judgment in decision-making, and this is a very powerful time where decisions count, with that Jupiter-Pluto square, coupled with Uranus retrograde and the pending eclipse in Aquarius in three days. The decisions which you begin to carry out at this time bring about long-term, life-altering changes which give way to a beautiful rebirth for you.

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