Card of the Day – Knight of Cups – Friday, April 13, 2018

Love the cards for this pick.

Tarot by Cecelia

The Knight of Cups is the hopeless romantic of the Tarot, and known to be a bit of a daydreamer. Very often, when people see this card turn up, they think of it as love coming their way, but this guy has a tendency to meander and does not often take a direct route. So, know that, if you are waiting for love to find you, it is out there, but, apparently taking a few twists and turns along the way.

We have seen Death (endings), the Empress (beginnings), and now the Knight of Cups, so this week is giving a feel of moving right along toward your hopes and dreams. As I said above, this Knight takes his time, not as the meticulous Knight of Pentacles would, but in such a way that he often becomes distracted in his pursuit of his desires. You will arrive where intended when…

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The Hunt is On

NPIO Essential Nature


The Wild Hunt (TWH) has launched a Spring Fund Drive and they need our help. In the past TWH has only had a fall drive. However, times have changed. According to Heather Greene, managing editor of The Wild Hunt,  her goal is, “to give TWH the structure so that it can last beyond my time as managing editor and shifting the way we raise money is part of that.”

Pagans, Heathens, Witches, occultists, polytheists of all kinds NEED a news source to serve our needs and to carve a place in the global media for credible and serious coverage. That is why many of us follow TWH through one or more of their social media locations. Having a mainstream media source has had a positive impact in our communities and throughout the pagan world.

Their mission is building and maintaining a serious news service for an under-served and often…

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Sacred Landscapes, Part III: Ley Lines and the Energy of the Earth

Interesting information. Can’t wait to dive into some of the additional reading suggested here.

The Druid's Garden

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been exploring the idea of re-enchanting the world. Two weeks ago, I introduced the idea of re-enchantment through a discussion Max Weber’s claims that the world has been “disenchanted” by industrialization. Re-enchanting, then, is potential work that we as druids and earth-centered spiritual people might do. If we want to do this re-enchantment, however, we need to draw upon and better understand the ways in which ancient humans created sacred landscapes. In last week’s post, we explored the historical understanding of “ley lines” and alignments on the earth to understand some of the physical tools that ancient humans worldwide used to enchant the world. Today’s post continues this discussion in a more metaphysical sense–understanding the more modern “ley line theory” as it applies to earth energy and considering the energetic work we might do.

Ley Lines as Energy

Line of stumps in January - strong telluric energy. Line of stumps in…

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Compassion and Humanity In The Pagan Community

Hestia's Servant


I am always amazed at how the Pagan Community pulls together during times of crisis or to benefit the community around them. At every Pagan Pride Event I’ve attended, there has always been a food collection for local food pantries. I’ve seen groups band together to render aid to natural disaster victims.

But what of exhibiting Compassion and Humanity in everyday life? As a group we have traditionally been a community that has given back, and that’s something I’d like to see continue. While, in many ways, our societies are crumbling, it may be time for us to rise up and reclaim Compassion and Humanity and put greater society back together.

jessica-castro-355974-unsplashAs we all know, the times in which we live are trying. Every day I look around and I see people struggling, hurting and displaced. Reading through my Facebook feed this morning I was struck by comments on a…

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