A Great Day Because of You

The counts are in, canopies packed away and the comments discussed…our OCLC Psychic Faire was a huge success. The Orange County Local Council (OCLC) Covenant of the Goddess Local (COG) held its bi-annual Psychic Faire Fundraiser on Saturday, December 1st at our new location, Mystic Connections.

Our success was due to members, visitors, and our new location in Orange County.

OCLC, wants to thank our family, friends and newcomers for making this our most successful event. There were more readings given, more wish candles made and more Reiki & Crystal healings shared than in any of our past events. The funds raised at these events goes toward workshops, meet & greet events, donations to community support, and expenses during our annual meeting.

Readers and Reiki healers were busy all day. 
Prepping the incense and bees wax to help visitors make their own Wish Candles. 

BIG THANKS our host, Michelle Pinto, owner of Mystic Connections for sharing her space and bringing an abundance of positive energy to our event. We hope our visitors took some time to visit her shop. It is filled with beautiful gems, and stones. She also has tarot cards, books and jewelry.

 Michelle’s knowledge of gems and stones and their qualities is deep. We also want to thank her staff at Mystic Connections for being helpful and  friendly and providing positive professionalism to our event. 

Thanks again to all those who helped in making this the most successful Psychic Faire we have had in the past few years.

The Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess is an international organization of cooperating, autonomous Witchcraft congregations and individual practitioners.

The Covenant of the Goddess formed in 1975 as a non-profit educational organization dedicated to securing for Witches the same rights and privileges enjoyed by other religious groups. We are open to all traditions of the Craft, including Eclectics and self-initiated Witches. We are a federation of covens and solitaries of many traditions, and have worked for Witches’ civil and religious rights for many years. We are organized in 14 Local Councils throughout the United States, as well as National memberships for covens and solitaries from areas where there are no Local Councils. We have a small number of international members, mainly from English-speaking countries, such as Canada, the UK and Australia.

If you would like more information about OCLC or COG, please contact OCLC4cog@gmail.com or PIO@cog.org.


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