The Vision of the Covenant of the Goddess

The Covenant of the Goddess - members and friends working together to honor and cherish the world we live in. "We all come from the Goddess, and to Her we shall return."

OCLC CoG Spring Celebration date set

This event is a great time to meet other members of OCLC CoG, enjoy tasty snacks and share in their spring ritual.

New Moon in Sagittarius

What better time to release what hasn't served you this year making room for new phases in your life. Breathe in deep the wonder and hope of new possibilities. Be ready for the new year to come.  Experiencing the new moon in a sign as bold and optimistic as Sagittarius could do us a world …

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Blessings for Lammas

Blessings to all on this turn of the wheel for Lammas. May you find bounty, love and prosperity.

Blessings to all Mothers

There are many types of mothers. I, for one, am a fur baby momma. And, even though my own mother passed a couple years ago, I continue to honor the other mothers in my life. So, to all mommas everywhere... Happy Mother's Day!