Blessings at Imbolg


Blessings for Thanksgiving

Midsummer Symbolism

While searching a specific topic to share for this Summer Solstice there was so much rich information it made it hard to decide. Instead, it seemed appropriate to give an overview of symbolism for this special time of year. We found the following information has been shared from Hearth and Home Witchery. Midsummer speaks to …

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A Web of Life in Southern California

There has been so much written about the colorful desert flowers blooming throughout California and especially its deserts. The drought took more than water; the glorious native flowers have suffered along with the wildlife throughout the southern half of our state. But, with the rains from earlier this year, our lands have seen an amazing …

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A Plastic Ocean: Documentary looks at workable solutions to plastic pollution

Source: A Plastic Ocean: Documentary looks at workable solutions to plastic pollution

Balance, synthesis

One of my favorite decks, Voyager Tarot, was calling to be pulled out of the drawer. So, thought I would share results when I focused on the week ahead. The images speak to the many facets of our mind. We can synthesize diverse ideas and blend both sides of the brain. The right side of …

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Beautiful Day for a Norse Blot

  The Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (OCLC CoG) held a Winter Ritual on Saturday, December 3rd. The weather was perfect, albeit a bit chilly by Southern California standards. This year  guest presenters, Randy and Karen, provided the group with a modified Norse Blot. Part of the ritual was done …

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