Something to lighten your day



Oh so charming! Love this charm!



To be perceived as attractive by others we must first feel attractive to ourselves

And there will be times in a Woman’s life when we need to be uplifted

But there is truly only one person that can lift our Spirits

That one person…is You

So what is a Charm

It is something material anything will do as long as it heeds to the Words of Invocation you Cast upon it


Surround yourself with the Color of Red

It is the Color of


Allow its Fiery vibrations to enter into yourself

So you can become more confident through life…your life

Wear something Red everyday Keep Red objects nearby

Light Red candles

Keep yourself bright in Red

As this Charm you have fashioned yourself in will therefore hasten carefully to perform slowly and meticulously what you have wrought

A Charm…

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The Faerie Handbook: REVIEW

The Faerie Handbook is an enchanting read that takes the reader on a fantastical journey through faerie lore. If the faerie kingdom were to make a manual for new initiates- this would be it! The book is divided in to four sections: Flora & Fauna, Fashion & Beauty, Arts & Culture, and Home, Food, & Entertaining. Chapters include where to find fairies, common inhabitants, fairy houses, craft ideas, fashion, recipes, fairy history and so much more!

Reading The Faerie Handbook felt like a sprinkling of periwinkle blue fairy dust on my head from an invisible winged friend. You can’t help but get pulled into this magical realm of a book, making you feel as though you yourself are a faerie. Reading the pages felt as if it were consecrated by some great fairy queen in a thicket of a luscious forest in the early days of Spring. The renderings and…

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Card of the Day – 4 of Pentacles – Friday, October 13, 2017

“The energies over the coming week will be improving greatly, and you will have the opportunity to act upon your next move.” Love it! About time I say!

Tarot by Cecelia

Hold your horses! You have been wanting so bad to go, go, go, but it has felt like the Universe is saying no, no, no. True, we now have Jupiter in Scorpio; today we are at the last degree of Venus in Virgo, and tomorrow Venus will go home to Libra. I honestly feel a particular matter requires a conservative approach on your part today. The energies over the coming week will be improving greatly, and you will have the opportunity to act upon your next move.

Sit tight for today. You have waited this long, you can wait a few more days; by the New Moon in Libra on the 19th, you will see things are happening. Having Venus in Libra (you may wish to listen to my Venus in Libra Tarot Guidance on Patreon – 20:18 in length), will make it easier for any financial negotations you may…

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Mabon with a Kitchen Witch: 10 Traditional Foods for the Fall Equinox

A wonderful time of year!

ravenhawks' magazine

Planning to celebrate Mabon with a traditional meal? Try including some of these traditional, homemade, from scratch foods to bring the spirit of the season to your table. For many more ideas on how to celebrate Mabon, check out this link. Apple crumble. If one symbol dominates the holiday of Mabon in North America, the […]

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Fall Equinox for the Solitary Witch

ravenhawks' magazine

Autumn is finally upon us again. Welcome Fall & Spirits! How awesome that Fall Equinox this year is FRIDAY September 22nd. That gives us a whole weekend to celebrate! Usually it falls between September 19th and the 23rd. There is no rule that states you must celebrate on these exact dates. This simply marks the season. […]

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Card of the Day – 2 of Wands – Friday, September 15, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

Here you stand, with the possibilites of a new and different life playing out before you. The decisions being made right now are crucial ones indeed, and not to be taken lightly. It would appear you know this. Mercury is only a few short days away from leaving shadow, so you pretty much have a Universal green light when it comes to choosing a new direction.

It probably feels as though it has been a very long time since you were able to make a decision which was of your own volition. Prior to this, in recent years, it was likely push coming to shove, now, all of that has changed, and you are working your way back into the driver seat of your own life, with the whole world before you. What you are choosing now is a path which will sustain you for the very long haul, so…

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New Moon In Virgo September 19-20, 2017: Sharpening Act!

Gilded Splinters Astrology

New Moon Virgo September 19th 20th astrology Gilded Splinters

If you’re one of those folks who’s been whiplashed by recent lunar events, the New Moon at 27 degrees Virgo on September 19th-20th (September 20th at 0:30 AM CST, to be exact) is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, figuratively and literally. Nothing Virgo loves more than bringing order out of chaos!

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Mother Symbols

Good Witches Homestead

No single universal symbol for mother exists – that would be impossible. The Mother can be found everywhere, from the heights of the planets down to the Earth’s surface. Each person and creature on the Earth have a mother, making it reasonable that we each would have different, distinct ideas about what characterizes them.

Symbols are unique and personal to each of us, so there are no right or wrong interpretations. Because of this, the symbols associated with her are seemingly infinite. However, some are more common and prevalent than others, which are detailed below.

celtic gods and goddesses

Triskelion Symbol

The triple spiral, also called the Triskelion symbol, is an ancient Celtic symbol with many spiritual aspects to it. However, the mother is definitely one of the strongest, as the branching out of the spirals is strongly indicative of the phases of womanhood: maiden, mother, and crone, all of which are connected.

As a…

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