Psychic Fair in Orange County

Coming up on May 21st the Orange County Local Council Covenant of the Goddess (OCLC-CoG) will hold their annual Psychic Fair in Santa Ana from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.OCLC

The Fair will be held at The Dragon & The Rose, which is located at 1636 E. Edinger Ave, Ste U, Santa Ana, California.

On Saturday, May 21st talented individuals will gather to read tarot cards, work with pendulum, crystal healing, and share oracle messages with attendees. Each 15-minute reading is a donation of $5. All donations collected will be used for OCLC-CoG workshops, charitable donations and organizational operating expenses.

In addition to tarot, crystal, and Reiki healing, OCLC-CoG will hold a raffle with items such as magical tools, tarot and oracle cards, samples of oils and soaps from Full Moon Blessings, garden fairy wands, bubble wands, and more. Tickets are a donation of $1 each. In addition to these wonderful items, OCLC-CoG has received a donation from Orion Foxwood for a personal reading via telephone. Mary Stuart, OCLC-CoG PurseOrion-Foxwood-Showwarden added, “We are quite honored to receive such a gift from Orion; the recipient will be getting an exciting prize.”


This year, OCLC-CoG is collecting items for distribution to Orange County homeless.  In support of one of the newest members of OCLC-CoG, Suzan Gagliano, member in the Celtic Circle of Wisdom, and creator and owner of Full Moon Blessings, OCLC-CoG wants to help her collect items for distribution among Orange County’s homeless population. She got the idea about six months ago from a post on her Facebook page. Suzan explained, “I saw a post about a woman who was collecting, and giving out tampons and hygiene products to homeless women.” It’s those everyday items we take for granted that are most needed. That post brought attention to the specific needs of homeless women.  “At that moment,” she said, “I wanted to do that as my way to give back to those in need. This is my way of helping my community.” Ever since that moment, she has been collecting and dispersing items as they come available. Sadly, Suzan mentioned,  “I had quite a collection of blankets, water, and snacks I received from a church until I was vandalized.” Ms. Gagliano’s passion to help her community moved the board members of OCLC-CoG to action making her current efforts their priority.

Ms. Gagliano explained, “the most effective way I can hand out items is using old purses, backpacks, book bags or res-usable grocery bags; I fill them with a variety snacks, and hygiene products, and hand them out as I drive around Orange County.”  In addition to the hygiene items and snack foods, she could use Ziploc-type snack bags so she can put 3 or 4 cigarettes, money or change in baggies in order to reach more people.

Suzan, and her partner Vinnie, are familiar with the unnoticed areas around the county where homeless prefer to stay. “They like the park, but there are other less open areas,” she shared. She should know, because Suzan found herself in a similar situation several years ago.

“Over thirteen years ago I was on the street. It was a terrible situation. I was staying on couches, or under bushes. I remember laughing at myself one day being jealous of other street people with carts. Then I realized, I didn’t have enough stuff to put in a cart. That’s when it hit me, and I realized the tragic situation I was in. That’s when I decided to get sober, and I spent my first 60-days trying to get clean while living under a bush.”

It took time for her to get clean; in fact she finally received the help she needed by way of the Orange County Court System. Suzan said, “I tried reaching out for help, but it was hard to learn the system. They don’t make it easy for street people to get out of the hole they are in.”

Times are different for Suzan now. She is a successful small business owner and magical tool creator. 981ac4_2035662ce8104457928185d93a24bcdfAs owner of Full Moon Blessings, she creates a  line of products, “to improve the lives of others through the use of our magical products.” The business started when Suzan wanted to make soaps for Yule gifts.  Since then she has expanded her line of products to include oils and candles. You can see her entire line on her website, Full Moon Blessings.

When you attend the Psychic Fair, OCLC-COG encourages all attendees to bring five to seven products from the list below in a re-usable grocery bag, used purse, backpack, or book bag (or bring 10 items from the list). For those donations,  you will receive a free ticket for one 15-minute reading of your choice. Please help us provide assistance to the homeless this year, and donate a used purse or re-usable bag, and add products from the list below.

List of Items for Donations:

Snacks: Granola,  Energy bars,  Fruit snacks                                                                     Bottled Water                                                                                                                    Cigarettes: they can barter 2 or 3 cigarettes for a meal                                         Hygiene products:  Hand sanitizer,  Sanitizing wipes, Baby wipes, Tampons
Clothing:  Gloves – lightweight or garden type, Socks, Sweater, Sweatshirt    Thermal underwear
Blanket / throws
Reusable grocery or book bags, or purses

Come out to Santa Ana on Saturday May 21st and have fun at the Annual OCLC-CoG Psychic Fair. In addition to the various activities, take some time to shop at The Dragon & The Rose. They carry herbs, crystals, jewelry, clothing and tools for the magical and pagan community.

Tarot cards

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